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Semi-Private Personal Training in Glen Head

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Discover Our Unique Semi-Private Personal Training Experience

When you sign up for personal training at JayFit Training Studio, you're getting a unique and custom fitness experience. Our coaches are 100% dedicated to helping you meet and exceed your goals, no matter where you are on your journey. Personal training will allow for a flexible schedule, holistic coaching, and earnest accountability. This isn't a pre-packaged training program --our coaches want to develop a real relationship with you, getting to know your goals and needs, so that they can help you be your very best self.

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Why Semi-Private Personal Training?

At JayFit Training Studio, our semi-private personal training program keeps a heavy emphasis on the word PERSONAL. There can be a maximum of 3 clients in the session at once with 1 Certified coach. However, everyone is on their own individual program. We do not do classes or group workouts. This is why fitness levels do NOT matter. Your fitness program is tailored to YOU. We like to say that semi-private just means that other people might also be there when you train. The semi-private model allows us to charge far less than a private 1-on-1 session would be, while still providing great coaching within a like-minded community environment.

After your fitness assessment, we engineer a result driven, customized workout and lifestyle program that's designed to help you achieve your individual goals.

Whether you want to lose body fat, add some muscle, get stronger or just improve your overall fitness levels, our habit based nutrition coaching and 100% personalized training plans are implemented to help you to get and maintain your results long-term.

No matter your goals, our coaches will help you discover an individualized, sustainable fitness solution. From Glen Head and it's neighboring towns, we're helping men and women rediscover their confidence, ignite a new passion for health and wellness while getting results.

Training at JayFit Training Studio will help you:

  • Get access to tailored workouts and fitness plans
  • Understand how to make the most of your nutrition
  • Keep up with fitness despite a busy or inconsistent schedule
  • Stay accountable with the help of a dedicated coach

If you've struggled to get results in the past, that's okay! Our team at JayFit Training Studio is here to connect you with all the resources necessary for you to meet and exceed your goals. Join us in Glen Head and get started with our unique approach to personal training!

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    A coach can help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and effectively. Personal training is about developing a personal relationship with fitness and with your trainer so that you can work out in a way that's right for you. Join us at JayFit Training Studio and experience Glen head's Unique Personal Training Experience. Just fill out the short form below to get started with Private Personal Training.




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